Personal Care Contracts: The Hidden Solution to the Elder Care Dilemma

Caring for an aging relative is difficult—and often underappreciated—work. Many people who serve as caregivers often feel as if they have two jobs—their full-time day job at the office and the part-to-full-time job of caregiver at home. As their parents age and decline, most of these caregivers end up not only giving up more and… Read More »

Mediation Helps Preserve Family Harmony

Q.  My parents are aging and I find that they are in greater need of assistance for care, paying bills, shopping, and the like. The problem is that there are four of us children and we do not always agree on what is best for mom and dad. I am concerned that, as my parents’… Read More »

Consider A Pet Trust To Protect Your Furry Companions

According to a recent article on, there are some surprising new figures about American households and their pets. “In 2011, Americans spent a record $50.8 billion on pets, according to the American Pet Products Association. We share our homes with an estimated 86 million cats, 78 million dogs, 16 million birds and 160 million… Read More »