Advance Business Planning is the First Step to Success

Big corporations may be laying off employees in distressingly record numbers, but big corporations are not the only employers in the U.S.—as long as we have our small business community, all may not be lost. According to this article on Reader’s, small businesses are taking the economic downturn in stride, and in some cases… Read More »

The Financial Diet

Towards the beginning of the year most people make resolutions having to do with diet or finances—or both. But what if you combined the two and put yourself on a financial diet? This is exactly what Ron Lieber is suggesting in his February 6 article in the New York Times. As Lieber points out, because… Read More »

Do-It-Yourself Estate Planning? Don’t!

Is the budget too tight to pay for an expensive estate plan right now? Why not do it yourself? How hard could it be? Actually, it can be very hard—hard on your wallet when it costs you thousands of dollars to fix the mistakes in the plan you made; and especially hard on your heirs… Read More »

Putting off Your Estate Plan is a Grave Mistake

At a time when the economy is slow and money is tight, many people are looking to save money by cutting back on “unessential” expenses—including estate planning.  Although this instinct is understandable, the trend is a disturbing one.  Our firm understands the need to dig in during tough times, but what you may not realize… Read More »

Growing Children Need an Updated Estate Plan

Every parent knows how miraculously fast children seem to grow and develop. So many parents find themselves marveling that their child’s foot ever fit into that tiny set of infant socks, or wistfully packing up the blocks and books their child has outgrown for electronic games or more mature interests. It is cliché to say… Read More »

Memorial Instructions in Literature and in Life

“The Geat people built a pyre for Beowulf, stacked and decked it until it stood four-square, hung with helmets, heavy war-shields and shining armour, just as he had ordered. Then his warriors laid him in the middle of it, mourning a lord far-famed and beloved.” (From Beowulf, translated by Seamus Heaney) Funerals get great coverage… Read More »