Making Plans for Aging at Home

There used to be very few options for seniors who began to have trouble living on their own.  In many cases the only options available were to move in with family or move into a nursing home.  Now, however, that doesn’t have to be the case.  With new advancements in technology, the help of family… Read More »

Just Say No? Medical Marijuana in Nursing Homes

The legalization of marijuana is on the ballot in California this November, but California isn’t the only part of the country where marijuana is making news.  The use of marijuana for medical purposes is being debated around the nation—especially as concerns elderly patients in nursing homes which receive federal funding through Medicare or Medicaid. This… Read More »

How to Find the Perfect Senior Living Arrangement

When it comes to living arrangements, senior citizens have far more options available to them today than they ever have in the past: independent retirement communities, assisted independent communities, at-home assisted living, at-home nursing care, live-in nursing homes… the list can go on and on. Having all these options available is almost certain to make… Read More »

Where Can Seniors Find “Home Sweet Home”?

Where you live is a defining aspect of your character throughout your life. Your “hometown” often plays a large part in the formation of your character; as adults we decorate our homes to reflect our interests, hobbies and loves; and the neighborhoods in which we choose to raise our children (city, farm, suburb) tell us… Read More »

How to Choose the Right Nursing Home

A recent article in the New York Times calls choosing a nursing home for your loved one “one of the hardest [decisions] you will ever make;” and yet it is a decision that almost all of us will have to think about eventually (whether for a grandparent, parent, spouse, or for ourselves.) It is a… Read More »

Medi-Cal Budget Cuts Won’t Affect Nursing Home Residents

We have received many inquiries from clients and colleagues asking whether the California Budget, just signed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on July 28, 2009, will adversely affect nursing home residents who rely upon Medi-Cal to help pay for care. The good news: No. Neither will it directly affect subsidies for ancillary services, such as dental and… Read More »

There’s No Place Like Home

The decision to place a loved one in a nursing home (or the decision to leave your own home and move to a nursing facility, if you are making the decision yourself) can be one of the most difficult and harrowing decisions we ever make.  Stories about disreputable facilities where seniors are neglected or abused… Read More »