Making Room For Mom & Dad: Checklist For The “Multi-Generational Household”

Throughout history, the multi-generational household has always had its place in our society. At times the multi-generational family has been common and plentiful, at other times rare and seen only on the fringes of society.  In the past few years, for reasons of both economy and practicality, the percentage of Americans living in multi-generational households… Read More »

Good News. . . You’ll Live Longer…

Planning for retirement often requires a fine-tuned equation which includes such variables as where you plan to live, how many years you’ve worked and how much social security you can expect, health care expectations, long-term care, and especially your life expectancy. Well, part of that equation is about to change, because according to U.S. News… Read More »

A Realistic Look at the Future

How are you feeling about your retirement these days?  According to Chuck Jaffe’s article in MarketWatch most people’s answer to that question is not so good. According to Jaffe, Americans are losing confidence in the market’s ability to support their retirement (with good reason), and the most common reaction to this lack of confidence is… Read More »